Introducing the sneak peek video for Season 1 of the Naughty Nuts TV series. Experience a variety of episodes from the 'DETECTIVE COAT' episode, where a malfunction in the all-purpose detective coat leads to danger, to the 'PIZZA COUPON' episode, where collecting pizza coupons unveils a gang's conspiracy, and the horror-filled 'DEVIL DOLL' episode about a cursed doll. Join detectives Almondo and rookie Ken in their colorful adventures!
너티너츠 TV 시리즈 시즌1의 스닉픽 영상을 소개합니다. 만능 탐정 코트의 오작동으로 위기에 처한 '탐정 코트 DETECTIVE COAT' 에피소드, 피자 쿠폰을 모으다 갱단의 음모를 밝혀내는 '피자 쿠폰 PIZZA COUPON' 에피소드, 그리고 악령의 저주에 걸린 인형을 다룬 공포의 '데빌돌 DEVIL DOLL' 에피소드까지! 탐정 알몬도와 신입 탐정 켄의 다채로운 모험을 함께 즐겨보세요!
The Police have chased the notorious jewel thief, Jimmy into an antique shop. After hiding himself inside a priceless statue, Jimmy accidentally locks himself in. While Detective Almondo is on the case, his absent-minded partner Ken, damages the statue.
A Martial arts school hires Almondo’s team to help capture a thief who is repeatedly stealing trainees’ valuables. Ken enrolls into the school undercover. At first he is thrilled with the idea of learning martial arts, but soon suffers miserably under the master’s obscure and harsh training methods.
Almondo and his crew of detectives are on a case in a haunted house. During their investigation, Fred stumbles upon an eerie doll. Being the prankster that he is, Fed uses the doll as his secret weapon in scaring his fellow co-workers.
Almondo plans to lose his weight by using a high-tech “running watch” that Sparks invented. While out enjoying his first jog, Almondo quickly realizes there is no way to turn the device off. With the help of his fellow detectives, they race to stop Almondo before it’s too late.
Ken and Fred camp overnight to secure their space in line for a chance to see their favorite star basketball player, Max Man. After barely making it inside the venue, Ken wins the grand raffle prize, a pair of Max Man’s sneakers. But Ken and Fred must fight off the jealous fans who try their best to steal them.
Sparks’s latest crime-solving invention suddenly malfunctions while Almondo and Ken chase a criminal. To make up for his failure, Sparks invents a detective coat that includes state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to this awesome new coat, Almondo can solve various cases with ease and efficiency. Or can he?
While preparing for the card battle with their nemesis, Cobra, detective Ken and Fred succeed in winning a Kingstar card, one of the most unique and powerful cards. But a card thief stalks them until he steals their card. Now Ken and Fred must get the card back before the card battle begins.
Almondo decided to go on a diet but has a panic attack because when he sees a pizza commercial. Although Ken and Asso realize that only pizza can save Almondo from another panic attack, they can’t afford to buy one. To get the pizza for free, Ken and Asso go on a crazy adventure to gather a hundred coupons.
Asso has an unusual talent. He can perform a perfect profile and detect criminals just by using his great sense of smell. Now a well-known convict named Willie has broken out of prison, seeking his revenge on Asso. While Asso helps Ken and Fred find an important piece of evidence, they must prevent Willie from finding Asso.
Superstar Miki visits Almondo’s detective agency to hire his team to investigate a paparazzi case, but soon changes his mind after pointing out their wimpy appearance. Since Almondo’s team are big fans of Miki, they go out of their way to convince Miki to hire them. Meanwhile, we soon find out that Tough Miki is not as tough as we thought.
Before the gang can leave for their vacation, Crust must finish a very important report. But an unknown intruder has knocked Crust out and he won’t wake up. Now the detective crew must put their heads together to figure out Crust’s password on his composter and check if the report was done.
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