Founded in 2012, Mostapes is dedicated to delivering joy and inspiring happiness worldwide through creative content. With a focus on strong stories and character-driven animations, NFTs, merchandising, and game development, we continuously collaborate with global partners to grow as an international brand.​​​​​​​
2012년에 설립된 모스테입스는 창의적인 콘텐츠를 통해 전 세계 사람들에게 즐거움과 행복한 영감을 제공하는 것을 미션으로 하고 있습니다. 강력한 스토리와 캐릭터를 기반으로 한 애니메이션, NFT, 머천다이징, 게임 개발 등을 개발하며 지속적으로 글로벌 파트너들과 협력하여 세계적인 브랜드로 성장하고 있습니다.
Brand Consulting
Brand eXperience Design
Corporate Identity Design
Creative Strategy & Idea
NFT Asset Design 
Character Universe Design
Storytelling Animation
Merchandise & Package Design
SNS Channel Plan & Management
Contents Development
Creative Directing
Animation Series Producing
Show Bible Development
Story & Character Development
Character Universe Design
Animation Pre Production
Animation Main Production
Merchandise & Style Guide Design
Iron Dragon: In development contract with Nickelodeon US.
Dinosally: Achieved 25 billion channel views on GIPHY.
Naughty Nuts: Signed video distribution contract in China with Reesee Entertainment.
Dinosally: Investment and distribution partnership established with France's PGS.
Dinosally: Co-development contract signed with Aurora World.
Iron Dragon: Co-production agreement with Lion Forge Animation.
Collaboration on an animation exhibition with HYBE's HYBE Insight.
Collaboration in the development of the animation series <Hungry Shark> with Ubisoft.
Chippyhood: Exclusive first-look partnership with Imagine Kids+Family.
Chippyhood: Co-production contract signed with Lion Forge Animation.
Chippyhood: Selected as one of the top 3 most viewed projects at MIPCOM Jr.
Collaboration in Ubisoft’s global promotion project for <Rabbids>.
Naughty Nuts: Mobile platform service launched on Kakao Kids and others.
Naughty Nuts: Broadcast on EBS, Tooniverse, and Disney.
Naughty Nuts: Co-production agreement signed with EBS and CJ E&M.
Collaboration in ASIANA Airline’s global campaign animation.
Mad Acorn: Mobile game launched, reached #1 in paid apps on Apple App Store.
Foundation of MOSTAPES.
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