26ep x 11’ I 7 to 11, Family I COMEDY + MYSTERY + ADVENTURE
Nut City, a crime infested metropolis.
This mysterious urban place introduces troublesome human-like food characters
such as a giant corn, an uncanny cucumber, and a kiwi.
Somewhere in the city, there is a detective agency where a cheese, almond, and
a peanut dwell together in order to solve complicated cases
that threaten fellow Nut City citizens.
Nut City once was a thriving port, visited by many tourists.
One day, incidents that have rarely highlighted the news headline happened periodically, and various criminal organizations began to reveal their identities. The increasing crime rate reached the point where the Nut City police department decided to share its cases with private detective agencies. Despite the hard work, mysterious events and emerging outlaws continued to push the Nut City citizens to live in terror.
Whether it is big or small, dangerous or safe, complicated or simple—Almondo Detective Agency investigates every criminal case in the city. The agents include a newbie Ken, who desires to become a legendary detective, a hot-headed boss Almondo, a timid intern Crust, and a genius dog Asso. Along with his agency crew and fellow friends Amanda and Fred, Ken tries to solve problems created by evil villains and numerous contenders.
The deeper Ken engages into the turmoil, harder it gets for him to achieve his dream.
“ Will Almondo Detective Agency be able to overcome obstacles and bring peace back to the city? ”
TITLE : Newbie / AGE : 17 / TYPE : Cheese
An amateur agent of Almondo Detective Agency who dreams of becoming a legendary detective. Ken passed the investigator training program, but his luck doesn’t seem to work when it comes to Almondo’s tasks. Despite his mistakes enrage Almondo, Ken’s intuition sometimes brings positive results to the crew.
TITLE : Boss / AGE : 41 / TYPE : Almond
A middle-aged head of Almondo Detective Agency. Almondo once was a passionate detective, but he now concerns about signs of hair loss, muffin top, and Fatigue that are worsened by complicated casefiles and a troublesome crew. Therefore, Almondo tries to find pleasure in eating delicious food and reading travel brochures.
TITLE : Intern / AGE : 21 / TYPE : Peanut
A talented intern of Almondo Detective Agency with assorted accomplishments and numerous certificates. Crust almost has every license in the world except the once he truly desires— the investigator license, which he constantly fails the test.
TITLE : Freelancer / AGE: 16 / TYPE : Acorn
A volatile and chatty friend of Ken. His competitive, selfish, and attention-seeking behavior often annoys Ken. Fred likes to imagine himself as a promising detective, but he doesn’t bother to realize that vision.
TITLE : Student / AGE : 15 / TYPE : Almond
Almondo’s only daughter who just reached puberty. Despite Almondo’s concern, she enjoys her visit to the detective agency. Amanda may be a hopeless romantic, naive child, her bravery shines when she is on the rescue mission with Asso.
TITLE : Pet / AGE : 3 / TYPE : Dog
Almondo’s highly intelligent pet with an ability to collect profiling date from the scent. Although Asso is only a dog, he can speak and act like any others. Full of curiosity, Asso has a hobby of observing the close surroundings.