52ep x 11’ / 7 to 11 YO, Family / COMEDY + FANTASY + ADVENTURE
The enchanting world where a sword, magic, dragon, and a monster dwell together.
In order to maintain the peace in Sizzle Land, Master Ssabu devotes his life to protect monster eggs. Despite his will, Ssabu struggles to confront a swarm of power-hungry villains who reinforce their dragons and dispute over the ownership of monster eggs.
The adventure story is set in a peaceful village of Sizzle Land
where Master Ssabu teaches students while protecting monster eggs.
The evil villain Mos provokes a surprise attack on the village and turns Master Ssabu into a stone.
Luckily, a young student Iron defeats Mos and saves the community from the maelstrom.
Happy villagers celebrate with joy, but Iron is saddened—believing that his mistakes
dispersed the monster eggs and trapped Ssabu’s soul inside the stone.
Accompanied by Xina, Slime, and Mos’ dragon presented by villagers,
Iron sets out on a journey to break the curse and recollect the monster eggs.
“ An incredible adventure with a dragon that takes
place in a fantasy world ”
Iron is a young boy who dreams to become the most powerful dragon master. During the attack on a village, he defeats the villain and unexpectedly acquires the cursed sword. Hoping to rescue Master Ssabu, he travels in search of the scattered monster eggs. Iron’s significant abilities include Metal Fist, Cat Paw, and summoning a giant dragon named Drago.
Slime once was Iron’s toy before a strange event turned him into a living creature. In hopes of helping others, Slime joins Iron’s journey to find monster eggs. He enthusiastically accepts all the tasks and aids Iron by storing valuables inside his body as if it were a bag. His biggest fear is becoming useless again.
Mos is a cunning, malicious villain whose body is sealed inside the sword by accident. He used to have a goal of dominating the world, but the current situation forces him to travel with Iron whom he despises. Therefore, Mos always seeks an opportunity to escape by tricking Iron with false information.
Xina, Master Ssabu’s prodigy, is renowned for her ability to manipulate fire. However, a petty trainee Iron’s ownership of a cursed sword takes away Xina’s glory. To regain Ssabu’s favor, she insists on going through harsh disciplines. Many fear Xina’s cynical, tough personality, yet respects her loyalty to friends.
After saving the world from a great danger, Ssabu lives a peaceful life and teaches students Dragon Master Awesome class until a villain’s curse traps him inside a stone. Residing in Slime’s thick, elastic body, Ssabu sometimes regains consciousness.
Drago is a giant dragon who is also Iron’s main method of transportation. He maintains immense strength by consuming fire and avoiding rainy days, which he is prone to. Although "Drago" is the only word he can speak, Drago can understand most of what others say.