52ep x 11’ / 7 to 11 YO, Family / ACTION + COMEDY
An incredible adventure of Iron
This is the story of a young warrior named Iron, and his unlikely journey to become the most powerful Monster Master in all of Pantopia. But before this adventure began, Iron was just a raw, goofy cadet, training under the legendary Master Ssabu in Sizzle Land.
On Iron's first day of training, the academy is attacked by the evil magician,
who turns Ssabu to stone. Leaping to the aid of his beloved master, Iron grabs the first thing
he sees - Master Ssabu’s magic sword. Iron misfires, instead striking the academy's
cache of Monster Eggs, each holding a dormant yet dangerous beast. Over 100 eggs are teleported
to the far corners of Pantopia. Next, Mos turns his powers on Iron, who defends himself with the sword.
In a stroke of luck, the sword sucks in Mos’ spirit, trapping him inside the magic blade.
Iron emerges as the leader of the mission to reclaim the Monster Eggs and break the spell put on Master Ssabu.
Iron's group travel the vast, magical realm of Pantopia on a quest to restore their master Ssabu back to life and recover Monster Eggs of unimaginable magic power.
He's an enthusiastic, hyperactive, fan boy. He loves Monster Lore and has a scrapbook of his favorite Monster Masters. His heart is sincere but his attention span is short. Iron is easily distracted by food, games, his best friend Slime and by anything shiny. He’ll never rest until Ssabu is restored to his body and all the Monster Eggs have been re-gathered. Only then will he be a true Monster Master.
Slime is Iron's big, goofy, loyal, fun-loving best friend. He idolizes Iron and is ready to enthusiastically support whatever bad idea his best friend comes up with. He maintains a positive outlook, even when they’re inside the belly of a giant monster. Slime was originally Iron’s squishy toy, but Ssabu’s magic stone brought him to life.
He's stuck inside a magic sword, which is wielded by a teenage idiot. Once Ssabu’s pupil, he grew frustrated that his Master couldn't grasp the potential of the Monster Eggs. Mos dreamed of controlling the eggs and ruling Pantopia, but now he must help Iron and Xina or he’ll be locked away in the armory. He secretly manipulates Iron and crew with his wits and cunning.
Before the attack, Xina was Master Ssabu’s prize student and now she’s the team leader. She’s stern and battle-tested, so Iron & Slime’s impromptu karaoke nights drive her crazy. She never understood what Ssabu saw in Iron, but she can’t deny his mastery of the Monster Sword. In her private moments, she secretly likes to pamper herself with mani-pedis and cheap romance novels.
This original Monster Master is stern, inscrutable and demanding. So it’s a mystery why he let a goof ball like Iron into the academy. But Ssabu saw something in Iron that others didn’t see. Ssabu’s insight might just save Pantopia, although it’s hard to see how right now, what with him being turned to stone and all. Unusual magical events sometimes cause Ssabu to wake up inside his stone.
Serving as Iron and crew’s main form of transportation, Drago is an enormous, eager, happy puppy, who loves to go on walks, play fetch and consume fire. The large dome on his back serves as the team's headquarters. Previously, he was Ssabu personal pet dragon and due to magic, his dome is much larger inside than it appears. The only word he can say is “Drago”.