78ep x 7’ I 4 to 7 YO, Family I PRE-SCHOOL
Every day is full of surprises for Chippy and friends!
Overgrown with a clump of tall trees and evergreen plants, the Acorn Forest is a sweet home for every woodland creature. In this magical place, inquisitive four little chipmunks Chippy, Kong, LaLa, and BamBam look for an opportunity to add fun events into their daily lives. Therefore, Chippy and his friends always go on daring adventures and fill the forest with lively music. Brave chipmunks throw a wild party with monsters, collect rainbow acorns with a unicorn, travel inside a giant whale’s belly, and even compete with a mysterious robot in a dance battle!!
From Kids to Adults, all family members can enjoy!
Friendly and charming character designs.
Adventure in various places stimulates children's imaginaiton.
Cheerful Music and Dance by cute chipmunks!
“ Everyday is Funday!
The fantastic adventure of Chippy and his friends!”
AGE : 5 / BOY
Chippy is a curious and cheery chipmunk who enjoys hanging out with his fellow creatures of the Acorn Forest. He loves to explore, and fulfill his day with exciting activities such as singing, dancing, and making new friends along the journey.
AGE: 3 / BOY
Kong is a cute baby chipmunk who always mimics his older brother, Chippy. Kong’s tiny and feather-light body gives him an advantage to fly like a flying squirrel. He sometimes fantasizes about meeting dinosaurs and swimming inside a whale’s belly.
AGE : 5 / GIRL
LaLa may be the only female chipmunk in the group, but her ambition and courage should not be underestimated! With her two magic sticks, LaLa can create any rhythms. She strives to make the best music in the world.
AGE : 5 / BOY
BamBam is Chippy’s best friend. However, there’s one thing that puts their friendship to the test—food! Delicious food always excites BamBam, and sometimes encourages him to play a belly drum!