78ep x 7’ I 4 to 7 YO, Family I PRE-SCHOOL
Every day is full of surprises for Chippy and friends!
Overgrown with a clump of tall trees and evergreen plants, Acorn Forest is a sweet home for every woodland creature. In this magical place, inquisitive little chipmunks Chippy, Kong, LaLa, and BamBam look for an opportunity to add fun events into their daily lives.
They throw a wild party with monsters,
collect rainbow acorns with Mr. Unicorn,
travel inside a giant whale's belly,
and even compete with a mysterious robot in a dance battle!
In the preschool series Chippyhood,
Chippy and his best friends Kong, LaLa, and BamBam
sing, dance, and party to bring joy to the forest!
A cheery chipmunk Chippy is always full of energy. He runs around the Acorn Forest, looking for fun events. Chippy's desire to satisfy his immense curiosity often exhausts his friends and even leads to unexpected situations. But, this behavior later motivates them to expand experiences and build a new friendship.
Kong is Chippy baby brother who is eager to try new things. So, tagging along behind the other chipmunk friends opens the door to many fun activities. Kong makes a sucking noise with a pacifier to communicate. If it fails, he uses dancing and body language that wins everyone’s heart.
LaLa is a dexterous chipmunk with unlimited imagination. A mundane life or playtime with friends can potentially become her source of inspiration to create something awesome. There are times when LaLa’s ideas flow in a direction different from the original plan, but she maintains focus and realizes the vision.
BamBam has an optimistic nature and adaptability. He always prioritizes playtime with friends over his favorite afternoon activity—napping. BamBam is taller and stronger than most peers, yet his carefreeness makes him slow to react in certain situations. BamBam's love for food encourages him to play a belly drum!