MOSTAPES is a professional content creation company based in Seoul, Korea.
We create charming, imaginative contents through various media including
an original IP, animation, game, and advertisement.
Strive to create original animations by participating in every development process. The process requires a script writing, animating, concept visualization, and an artwork production.
Bring life to newly designed, refreshing characters with a universally appreciated concept, which suggest an intimate relationship with customers.
Utilize the original IP from a past project that ranked as App Store’s top paid mobile game to present distinctive games with creative concepts and artworks.
Approach customers by analyzing global trends and producing multi-use contents that inspire various forms of licensed merchandise including books, games, and toys.
MOSTAPES aims to create contents that bring joy to everyone around the world.
We build stories out of random ideas and experiment with them to please people around the world. Our projects may begin with tiny doodles or spontaneous ideas, but they all become developled into funny stories with visual pleasures. Through priceless lessons garnered from successful projects as well as failed ones that stay unpublished, Mostapes endeavors to make a positive impact on people.
Established in 2012, Mostapes always strives for the best.
We assembled passionate people from successful projects—an animation AACHI & SSIPAK and
a mobile game MAD ACORN. As a team, we released a comedy animation NAUGHTY NUTS
co-produced with companies CJ E&M and EBS.
The series premiered on February 2017 and widened its broadcasting range
to cable channels like Tooniverse and Disney.
Along with the NAUGHTY NUTS season 2 pre-production, Mostapes is currently working on new,
ambitious projects: a music animation CHIPPYHOOD, a mobile game
ROCK ZOMBIE, and a fantasy adventure animation IRON DRAGON.
If you’d like to know more about Mostapes, please feel free to contact us anytime.